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Ceramic Beads

Hand-crafted with love.

Every hand-crafted item on this site is carefully envisioned, designed and created by me. My love of crafting unique and dainty pieces of jewelry dates back to when I was in elementary school - my little quirky and creative mind concluded that making my best friend and I matching friendship bracelets would mean we would have to stay friends forever. 20 years of tears and laughter later I still have that bracelet, and we're still close friends. 

My preference, style, and techniques have changed (white plastic cube letter beads now forever forgotten), but my intent is still the same. To provide each person who purchases my hand-crafted items with an experience that will last a lifetime. My pieces are intentionally designed to bring out the spark in you, that added touch that just makes you feel like "you." 

Thank you for following my journey, for supporting my small business, and for reading this. I hope you find that one special piece that brings out the "you" in yourself.


Alyssa Mahr

Fashionable Accessories
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